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  • £120 Per Month

  • £120includes 5 hours of time
    • additional time charged
      at £27 per hour

  • £200 Per Month

  • £200includes 10 hours of time
    • additional time charged
      at £27 per hour

  • £350 Per Month

  • £350includes 20 hours of time
    • additional time charged
      at £27 per hour


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be allocated my own Personal Assistant?

Yes you will be allocated your own personal assistant based on your business type and their skill-set. They will be your point of contact, on hand to carry out your tasks. They can be contacted by telephone, skype, face to face or by email whatever suits you best. We hope they will quickly become an essential part of your business.

What tasks can I delegate?

We are confident that we can handle almost any kind of task that you set us, and if there’s anything we don’t know we will try to find out for you. To see some of the more common day-to-day tasks that we carry out for our clients please see below.

What happens if my PA is on holiday or sick?

This is what makes our Virtual Assistant service different to many smaller providers. You will be working with one assistant on a day-to-day basis; they will however be supported by 2 other members of our team who will get to know your business and customers. Meaning if anyone goes on holiday or is off sick then there will always be someone on hand who understand your business and the tasks that you set us.

How do I know how much time I have used?

Simply ask us at any time and we can let you know. In addition we also send you a weekly update on a Friday afternoon, so you can see exactly what we have done, and how much time we have spent on the task.

Will my details and business be kept confidential?

Yes, we take confidentiality very serious within Time Assistant. We will happily sign a non-disclosure agreement if required and we are also registered with the Information Commissioner.

How do I cancel or switch plans & make payment?

We like to offer our clients flexibility; therefore we simply offer month-to-month billing. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you like depending on your business needs.
You will be invoiced monthly in advance, with any additional hours being invoiced in arrears. The invoice will be sent by email with the payment being taken from your registered card 3 days after the invoice date.

How does the free trial work

Our free trial lasts for 7 days or 2 hours of time whatever comes first. During this period we will be able to judge your usage and at the end of the period suggest the best pricing package for you to go on. However you don’t need to take our suggestion, and you can also stop the service.

Can you also answer my calls?

Yes, we provide you with a free telephone number with any of our monthly plans. The time spent on your calls is deducted from your time purchased. Additional fees may apply for transferring calls through to you.


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