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  • £10 Per Month

  • £10includes 10 calls
    • Additional calls charged
      at £1 per call

  • £50 Per Month

  • £50includes 60 calls
    • Additional calls charged
      at 90p per call

  • £120 Per Month

  • £120includes 150 calls
    • Additional calls charged
      at 80p per call


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*7 Days or 20 calls whatever comes first

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I divert my calls to you?

The number that we provide you with, can either be advertised as your own business number, or if you have a number at the moment then you can divert the calls to the number we provide you. Click here to find out how to divert.

How are messages passed?

As standard we pass messages free of charge by email. Alternatively you can receive messages by text charged 10p each, or for calls to be transferred through to you we would charge £5 a month and then 10p per minute from landlines and 24p per minute to mobiles.

Am I charged for sales calls or wrong numbers?

You will not be charged for any calls under 20 seconds, this should reduce those unwanted sales calls. However, if we have passed a message that is sales call, just let us know and we will get a refund sorted.

How do I cancel or switch plans?

There are no long-term commitments. You have full control over simple month-to-month billing. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel whenever you like.

What information do you take from a caller?

We normally take the callers name, who they are wishing to speak to, a telephone number, company name, and a brief message. If you need more information taken, then we would suggest you go onto our pay per minute planned charged at 79p per minute with a minimum £10 charge a month. We would recommend contacting us to discuss your requirements further.

I need more than a basic message being taken?

This is certainly something we can assist with, we can take orders, payments, log into your systems and make bookings etc. The cost for this is simply £1 per call with any calls lasting over 2 minutes in time charged at 33p per minute thereafter + VAT. On the sign-up form, please provide us with the information you want us to undertake on the any “other information field”.

When will my calls be answered?

Your calls will be answered Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.00 excluding any bank holidays. Out with these hours we can set-up a voicemail on your line. Any message received will be passed onto you, this will cost only £5 per month. We can arrange for a professional voicemail to be recorded for your company for a one off charge of £40. Alternatively you can record your own voicemail greeting in mp3 format.

What type of number do you provide?

We can provide you with virtually any area code or national number. Additional charges may apply for 0207, 0208 & 0800 numbers. Why not contact us to find out what is the best number for you.

How are the calls answered?

Your calls will be answered in your company name, by a small team of 3 staff allocated to your business. Allowing your clients to build a rapport with the same friendly voices each time they call. If required we can also follow your script.

How do I make payment?

You will be invoiced monthly in advance, with any additional call charges being invoiced in arrears. The invoice will be sent by email with the payment being taken from your registered card 3 days after the invoice date.

How does the free trial work

Our free trial lasts for 7 days or for 20 calls whatever comes first. During this time we will be able to judge your usage and at the end of the period suggest the best tariff for you to go on. However you are free to choose whatever tariff you wish.


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