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Delegating to a Virtual Assistant will help free up your time and make you more productive

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How can Time Assistant help me?

We provide a wide range of remote administrative, call answering and live chat support for your business. Our UK based Virtual Assistants will help free up your time to allow you to concentrate on growing your business.

We don’t just save you time

There’s lots of benefits of hiring a virtual assistant rather than employing someone:


Payroll, PAYE, Pensions, NI payments

Office space, equipment and running costs

Recruitment and interview costs

Holiday, sickness and maternity cover


A small team of staff allocated to you

No set-up or long term contracts

One monthly invoice for only the time used

UK, fully trained staff with a range of expertise

Our Virtual Assistants can help with:

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Types of calls we answer:

We provide excellent service

As based on google reviews

Our 24 / 7 Live Chat service helps:

Increase Leads

Connect with web visitors

Build Trust

Our Live Chat service helps bridge the gap between your site and your web visitors. Our real-time agents are available 24/7 to help answer any questions that might arise, increase leads and convert sales.

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Get to Know Time Assistant

Why Use Us?

Time Assistant provides access to a team of highly skilled virtual assistants to provide back office support for your business. We carry out timely routine tasks allowing you to concentrate on what you do best.

Being ‘virtual’ we help reduce your overhead costs, however, you always have the guarantee that you can call on our highly skilled staff as and when you need help. Meaning you only pay when you use us.

Who Uses Us?

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and small business, use us when they need help freeing up their time to concentrate on growing their business rather than answering or making telephone calls. Or doing those timely and boring admin tasks.

Our customers include designers, retailers, accountants, charities, manufacturers, students, marketers, dentists, virtual assistants, osteopaths, driving schools, first aiders, producers, sole traders, artists, tutors, authors, and just about everyone in between.

We Save Time

As Time Assistant is based remotely we can also help reduce the hassle and money that you would normally spend on a member of staff. You won’t need to worry about payroll, tax, NI, employment contracts, sick pay and arranging interviews. We can also reduce your costs as you won’t need to spend money on IT equipment or office space.

Time Assistant are based in the UK, you only pay for what you use, and we don’t tie you into any contracts, nor do we charge any set-up or cancellation fees.

How We Help?

Well firstly Time Assistant can help with those simple tasks such as data entry or timely administration tasks. However our assistants provide a wide array of skills that can help your business. Not only can we be your Virtual Assistant we can also provide you with a wide array of Call Answering services to help free up your time.

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